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We are still selling masks and request that you wear a mask, along with our staff, to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, as we are reopening for regular business. If you do not have a mask, we can supply one for you to use.

Other steps we are taking to prevent the spread of the COVOID19 virus:

* Allowing only one client in the shop at a time with 3 or less staff working at one time.

*Sanitizing all surfaces that are used or touched by clients or staff after each client.

* Offering no contact pick up by appointment, (payment must be received prior).

Mask requests will only be received through the

Mask Order Form

We are working very hard to complete your requests. In the mean time, please be safe, stay calm and follow the COVID19 regulations by staying home.

If you have questions regarding PPE, please check with your supervisor. You may also reference to the links below. Monetti Tailoring cannot answer any questions regarding standard of PPEs.

Thank you!

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Call 608-236-4870 Please allow 1 business day follow up.

Monetti Tailoring is a full-service tailor and alteration shop located in Madison, WI. We offer custom alterations for men and women's clothing in any shape or size. Please set up an appointment to request a price quote. All estimates are free.

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NOTE: We are receiving an exceedingly high number of requests for masks. Due to this high need, we request that when you place your order, you fulfill that order and complete payment. If you cancel your order, it immediately goes to the next order placed in our queue.

3-30-20 Monetti Tailoring is making face masks for COVID-19 efforts. We are taking care of your garments that are with us and will be in contact with you as soon as we can open our doors. You may make future appointments through the Schedule Your Appointment Online link above.

***If you have a wedding or need to order custom fit suiting, it is recommended to schedule this at least one month in advanced.

4-4-20 is not like another

Not all masks are the same or used or are they used for the same purpose. The white mask is a N95, the yellow is also a medical mask. The print fabric mask is what we produce and is not considered PPE.

We encourage you to read the CDC articles below and check with your organization regarding standards. We do not produce medical equipment. We are producing these masks a back up to the shortage of medical PPE.

At Monetti Tailoring, we provide custom and general tailoring and have no affiliation with medical supply companies. Monetti tailoring is not responsible for how the masks are used after they leave our storefront. Our shop does not sterilize the clothing we alter and we also do not sterilize the masks.

One way to think about this is if the military had run out of supply due to a natural disaster or war efforts, they would take secondary measures like this and use a backup to the unavailable PPE( Personal Protection Equipment). The CDC clarifies in the article links below. Also please check with your organization, managers and supervisors on this. We are not PPE experts, we are tailoring experts. We cannot answer questions about PPE.

Monetti Tailoring is currently producing the print fabric mask. We are producing these masks to help a cause and inspire hope and help through the very difficult COVID-19 times. We are calling it the hope mask.


Center for Disease Control

People at high risk

Face masks

World Health Organization

Please note we will update and may change our communications as often as we receive new information about COVID-19. As always, you may contact the owner, Mario, if you have any questions about open hours and appointments at 608-332-9383


*Monetti Tailoring will be taking customers by appointment only.

*Walk-ins will not be accepted during the state mandated COVID-19 virus recommendations.

*Face to face contact will be distanced and restricted inside the business.

Thank you for your understanding and your attention to health and safety.

Please call Mario directly to make arrangements if you need to visit personally or if you have any questions.


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Congratulations Monetti Tailoring on the Madison 2020 Award and your role in supporting small business!

We specialize in all types of custom alterations and tailoring services, including bridal and tuxedo alteration, leather repair, formal wear alterations, suit alterations, zipper repair, knitting and more. We even fix zippers on winter coats with detachable wind breakers!

With our experience behind the machine and keen eye for details, Monetti Tailoring can add those beloved personal touches to any garment that will make you look spectacular. From formal wear to every day wear, our talented seamster can fix your clothing woes with a stitch!

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Custom Fit Suiting by Monetti Tailoring

Custom fit suiting and high quality clothing can be purchased through Monetti Tailoring. Your stylist, Mario, will offer you a custom fitting and work with you individually on choosing the style, color and look that is right for you.

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