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Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 regulation Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get my items from the tailor shop at this time?

A: Currently we are unable to do this per government regulations regarding Essential Business Declaration.

Please call Mario at 608-332-9383 if you have questions or concerns. Stay tuned to our Facebook page and website for updates. We are currently contacting the WEDC to find out if pick ups outside our business are an option. Please stay tuned. Update: State mandate allows business to open with mandatory mask order, specific Covid19 business guidelines. Please make pick up appointment.

Q: Can I set up appointments online?

A: You may set up appointments but until the COVID-19 quarantine is lifted. The appointment may have to be rescheduled. (Allow several weeks to a month for new wedding and customer fit suit appointments.)

Q: Can I still shop and order custom fit suiting if I have already been measured by Mario?

A: Yes. There may be some delays because the fabrics come from other countries and shipping may be delayed. Please contact Mario directly for these orders at 608-332-9383.

Frequently Asked Questions ( General)

Q: How much will it cost to have my item tailored?

A: The cost depends upon the fabric, style or what type of stitch or tailoring that will be needed. All estimates are free. We need to view the item to provide the estimate.

Q: How far in advanced should I schedule my appointment to have my item tailored?

A: For all items, it is recommended to plan a few weeks in advanced. For formal garments or items that may require more than one appointment, plan several months in advanced.

Q: I have something I need right away. Is it possible to get it done?

A: We offer a rush service at an additional cost. Some limitations may apply. We will do our very best to accommodate your needs.

Q: I have an item that was not tailored properly when I had it tailored elsewhere, can it be fixed?

A: We often receive challenging projects and are able to correct them. Bring in your garment and we will let you know.