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340 S. Whitney Way Madison, Wisconsin 53705
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About Monetti Tailoring

There is no alteration that we cannot handle! Monetti Tailoring has been serving Madison, WI and surrounding areas for more than 20 years.

About the Tailor, Mario

Alterations, tailoring and repair service include but no limited to: Wedding alterations, including gowns and custom fit tuxes.

 If you are unsure if we can alter your item, give us a call at 608-236-4870.

  • Formal alterations, including wedding prom dresses
  • Business suits
  • Motorcycle jackets and leather
  • Shoulders on jackets and relining jackets
  • Re-cutting slacks
  • Rebuilding jeans (e.g. convert pleated jeans into non-pleated jeans)
  • General alterations including hems, shorten sleeves, zippers and buttons. 

Your fitting

What to expect from your Tailor

●You will be asked to try on your garment. Make sure to bring the shoes and undergarments that you’ll be wearing with the garment when you come in for your visit. 

● Your tailor is trained to respect the rights of your personal space. Please understand that the tailor will need to get very close to you and will need to touch the garment and your body upon obtaining measurements.

●The tailor will explain if something is too small or large and may explain if the garment is correct for your body type.  The tailor will do the best to alter your garment but may not be able to tailor every garment due to improper fit, damaged or worn-out fabric.

● If you have a specific request, let your tailor know.  It is highly recommended to take suggestions and expertise from the tailor for the best fit results.



Monetti Tailoring accepts cash, debit, and credit. All major credit cards are accepted. Credit cards purchases will accrue a 3.5% surcharge.  Checks not accepted.

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