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Natasha in Madison, WI *****
This is the story of how a beautiful men's medium size leather jacket from Florence became a woman's small wear-with-everything wardrobe staple. I brought in the jacket and they eyed it. They gave an estimate and I accepted. They cut off the sleeve- I can't watch! Mark with pins, tweak, tell me it will take some fittings. OK, not a problem if you are working with nice people who are experts. More work, more cutting- still can't watch this part! It took 5-6 fittings but they recut arms, recut collar, shorted length, added a new zipper, and did some sort of complicated calculus of curves and stitching so the shoulders don't pull.
I think the most expensive real estate in your house is in your closet. If something it's not fabulous, it should not be there. My 'new' leather jacket hangs in my closet when I'm not wearing it. It looks fabulous. People stop to compliment the jacket and I tell them the story of it and the two nice fellows at Monetti's.
Marie in Madison, WI *****
I have been using Monetti's for the last four years or so on wide range of projects - both lowering and raising hems, replacing zippers on dresses, changing a wide leg pant to a more polished narrow leg, etc. They were also absolutely fantastic on altering a sale jacket that I just had to have that was too wide in the hips and waist and too short in the arms. Always a wonderful job and always wonderful service.
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